*12 Regular Seeds per Pack

Hello Everyone! I am Jinxproof Founder and Owner of Jinxproof Genetics. Here at Jinxproof Genetics, we sympathize with all who are hit so hard by these trying economic times. In order to help you, We are doubling the amount of seeds per pack while only slightly increasing the price, so you enjoy more value for your dollar. Now, instead of 6 seeds per pack for $50. Packs will include 12 seeds for $60 giving you, our valued customer, a cost savings of 40%. 

Jinxproof Genetics is committed to providing our loyal customers with a high quality product at affordable prices. After all, we are all in this together.

We hope this helps! As always, we wish you a positive and productive month!

**Tester Pack

Promotion Suspended During Sale**

Featured Products

9lb Hammer, a heavy indica is known to pack a heavy punch and is recommended for relief from PTSD, anxiety, stress, chronic pain and as an effective sleep aid. 9lb Hammer is an impressive producer.
For those looking for a body soothing, and positive thinking experience mixed with intense fruity and cheesy chem flavors, this cultivar will satisfy your craving. She is a fast finishing and eye pleasing plant that will soon be your favorite strain to cultivate!
Hell on Wheels is a heavy producing, indica dominant cannabis strain from Jinxproof Genetics with a sweet, berry and lemongrass taste.


Jinxproof Genetics is pleased to announce the availability of limited edition strains. These strains typically will only be available from 1 crop seeds never to be seen again. Don’t sleep on these fantastic genetics that will be available in addition to our normal menu.



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