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Step 1

Follow the steps in this video in order to set up a Solana cryptocurrency wallet. You’ll need a Solana wallet in order to purchase Jinxproof NFTs from Solsea.io. This video shows you how to install a Solana wallet called “Solflare” on either your phone or as a Google Chrome Extension.

Step 2

Follow the steps in this video in order to set up a Coinbase Account. There are several exchanges that allow you to purchase Solana, we are simply using Coinbase as an example. We show you how to do this on both a computer and a phone.

Step 3

Follow the steps in this video in order to purchase Solana on Coinbase and send it to your Solflare wallet.

Step 4

Learn how to connect your Solflare wallet to Solsea.io (the NFT platform) and purchase your first Jinxproof NFT. We also show you how to find the address of your NFT and then register that NFT on the Jinxproofs website so you can receive your free gifts and discounts.


Learn how list your Jinxproof NFT for sale on the Solsea.io marketplace.


What is an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are pieces of digital content linked to the blockchain, the digital database underpinning cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum. Unlike NFTs, those assets are fungible, meaning they can be replaced or exchanged with another identical one of the same value, much like a dollar bill.

NFTs, on the other hand, are unique and not mutually interchangeable, which means no two NFTs are the same.

Think of Pokémon cards, rare coins or a limited-edition pair of Jordans: NFTs create scarcity among otherwise infinitely available assets — and there’s even a certificate of authenticity to prove it. NFTs are typically used to buy and sell digital artwork and can take the form of GIFs, tweets, virtual trading cards, images of physical objects, video game skins, virtual real estate and more.
Jinxproof NFTs are digital artwork that live on the Solana blockchain. Each unique NFT carries value beyond just the pretty picture. Each NFT will also include additional benefits like a free gift pack for the first owner of a Jinxproof NFT, and fixed discounts on the Jinxproof Genetics website for any Jinxproof NFT owner.
What kind of Jinxproof NFTs are available?

This premier collection includes variations of the infamous Jinxproof Genetics Logo.

There are 5 levels of rarity:

1st level containing 100 of the regular NFTs which are the most common. These NFTs can be identified by 1 cannabis leaf and a solid green background. Each of these NFTs has a small and unique ID# at the bottom of the artwork.

2nd level containing 50 of the Rare NFTs that have a variety of solid color backgrounds along with 2 cannabis leaves.

3rd level containing 25 of the Epic NFTs with gradient backgrounds and additional variations like a green thumb and THC molecule.

4th level containing 5 of the Legendary NFTs with animated backgrounds and other variations.

5th level contains 1 Golden Ticket NFT with an animated background and a winking Jinxproof.

How do I purchase a Jinxproof NFT?

Click Here to visit our Crypto Training Center – These steps are shown in easy step-by-step videos.

Step 1 – Set up Solflare Wallet (InfoGraphic or Video)

Step 2 – Set up a Coinbase account (Video) (use https://bit.ly/3t5nQje and receive $10)

Step 3 – Purchase Solana on Coinbase and send to Solflare wallet (Video)

Step 4 – Connect to Solsea, purchase your Jinxproof NFT, register it for gifts and discounts. (Video)

Click Here to visit our Crypto Training Center – These steps are shown in easy step-by-step videos.

How do register my Jinxproof NFT in order to get my Jinxproof benefits?

Click Here to Register

You will be taken to a simple form that asks for some basic information. You will need to enter your NFT address in the form. Click Here to learn how to find your NFT address. (video coming soon)

Why do you use the Solana blockchain instead of Ethereum?

The Ethereum blockchain is by far the most popular for NFTs but that is quickly changing. Ethereum fees are crazy high. For example, you could purchase an NFT with Ethereum that costs $200 but with the added fees, you could end up paying $300 or more.

The Solana blockchain is quickly becoming a favorite for NFTs because of two reasons.

1. The fees are ridiculously inexpensive. The same $200 NFT referenced above would only have fees in the few dollars instead of 100’s.

2. The Solana blockchain is environmentally friendly, where one transaction uses the same energy as say, a Google search on your phone.

Where can I buy Solana?

Solana (the crypto you need to buy Jinxproof NFTs) can be purchased on most major cryptocurrency exchanges. Click on the FAQ above “how to buy NFT” in order to watch the video about Coinbase.

Can I sell my NFT?

Yes, you can sell your Jinxproof NFT on the Solsea.io marketplace. The Jinxproof website discount associated with NFT will pass on to the new owner.

How do I use my NFT for Jinxproof Genetics discounts?

Once you’ve registered your NFT on the Jinxproof website, you will receive an email within 24 hours with a discount (coupon) code that’s valid for as long as you own the NFT.

If you own more than one Jinxproof NFT, make sure you register your highest level NFT on the website in order to get the highest % discount code.

If you’ve purchased a previously owned jinxproof NFT, you will register it the same as a newly minted NFT. You will receive the appropriate discount percentage.

Who’s eligible to receive the Free Gift Packs?

Free Gift Packs (see the benefits chart) are available for owners of newly minted NFTs only. If you purchased an NFT that was previously owned, you won’t be eligible for the free gift pack but you will still receive all other advertised benefits (% discount, etc…)

Will there be more Jinxproof NFTs released in the future?

Jinxproof will be releasing new NFTs on a monthly basis that will include artwork based on it’s world famous strains as well as popular figures like “Ms Rose”.

We will introduce new NFTs on social media and the website a couple weeks in advance of their listing.

How soon after I register my NFT will I receive my discount code for the Jinxproof website?

We will verify NFT ownership and generate your discount code. This process will generally take 24-48 hours. You will then receive an email with your Jinxproof Genetics website discount code. This code will be valid as long as you own the NFT.

Why do so many of these NFTS look the same?

The first (extremely limited) run of NFTs focuses on variations of the original Jinxproof Genetics logo. This logo is well known throughout the cannabis industry, so we wanted to keep it fully intact. We decided to work mainly with background colors and animations for the higher level NFTs, while only adding subtle changes to the logo itself.

The lowest (regular) tier NFTs that provide a fixed 5% website discount are nearly exactly the same as each other except for a small and unique ID # located at the bottom-center of the card. These “regular level” NFTs with the unique IDs are offered at level that everyone can afford, because we didn’t want to exclude anyone.

Future listings will also include some one-of-a-kind (totally unique) NFTs, but of course those will likely be in the higher price categories.

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