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March 2022

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Each month, we look forward to bringing you exclusive special offers, grow tips to ensure success, news from the exciting World of NFTs, inspiring stories from Northwest Families for Autism as well as opportunities to help and MORE!

We are excited to begin the 2022 growing season and look forward to healthy plants and heavy yields! Last month was the time to pop seeds and prepare your soil to maximize the outdoor growing season. In this issue, check out Jinxproof’s tips on transplanting! Look for March special offers on seeds for your order today.

Jinxproof has been busy getting three new strains ready to release! Look for details posted to the website on St Patrick’s Day. Check out the March events schedule! If you are in the area of any of these events, stop in and say hello! Bring a hand written positive affirmation to any event where Jinxproof attends and receive a free 3 bean seed pack!

We are continuing February’s giving opportunity into March to ensure everyone has plenty of time to help a teacher stock a food and clothing pantry for special needs kids in Indiana.

As always, Have a positive and Productive month!


March is the month for transplanting if you mixed your soil and popped seeds in February. Here is Jinxproof’s tips for transplanting:

After the seedling becomes a small plant and many roots circle the bottom of the cup, I transplant it in a 1/2 gallon pot filled with the super soil that I built.

Transplanting seedlings to a larger pot or medium will increase their water and nutrient uptake, thus encouraging healthy and robust growth. Then create a hole in the middle of the planter, sprinkle with microhizae and plant the seedling along with the entire contents of the solo cup into the 1/2 gallon pot.

Water thoroughly with water that has been standing out for 24 to 48 hours to avoid shock and to help the plant transition to its new environment.

Be sure to handle your seedlings gently to ensure a healthy transition during repotting.

Once these seedling roots fill the bottom of 1/2 gallon pot, transplant to a 5 or 10 gallon pot for the plant to live in for the duration of its growth cycle.
Three New Strains Will Be Released March 17!
Jinxproof's March Event Schedule
Introducing Jinxproof's premier collection of NFTs!

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are pieces of digital content linked to the blockchain, the digital database underpinning cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum. Unlike NFTs, those assets are fungible, meaning they can be replaced or exchanged with another identical one of the same value, much like a dollar bill. NFTs, on the other hand, are unique and not mutually interchangeable, which means no two NFTs are the same.

Jinxproof NFTs are digital artwork that live on the Solana blockchain. Each unique NFT carries value beyond just the pretty picture. Each NFT will also include additional benefits like a free gift pack for the first owner of a Jinxproof NFT, and fixed discounts on the Jinxproof Genetics website for any Jinxproof NFT owner.

Not sure about NFTs, but keep hearing all of the hype? Check out the NFT Training center in the NFT section of the Jinxproof website. Learn how to create a wallet, purchase Solana Coin, use that coin to purchase a Jinxproof NFT, list an NFT for sale and more! This month Jinxproof is launching private Zoom sessions for those who would like individualized training on Crypto-currencies and NFTs. Sign up for your private session today! (Insert Link)
Northwest Families for Autism (NWFFA)

Combining philanthropy and acts of charity as a part of their mission, Jinxproof Genetics designed their compassion programs with a formal structure to better serve those in need.  Jinxproof and his wife Miss Rose established Northwest Families for Autism (NWFFA) and immediately began working with the Seattle Children’s Autism Center (SCAC) and the University of Washington (UW) to provide communication devices to hundreds of Children with Autism and non-verbal disorders giving them the platform needed to interact with the World around them. Miss Rose explains the positive impact of these devices,  “This is empowering to these individuals as it enables them to easily communicate with the world around them by giving them a means to express their thoughts, feelings, needs and desires. They gain a voice, something most of us take for granted. This brings us one step closer to inclusion!”

Jinxproof and Miss Ross’s community foundation efforts extend well beyond funneling nonprofit campaign contribution to those in need.  Recognizing the need for a more positive outlook on life to succeed as individuals,  Jinxproof has designed counseling programs centered around daily affirmation as a way to improve the quality of life of those in need. The Young Ladies Positive Affirmation club helps build confidence and develop a healthy self esteem in participants through the practice of writing and sharing daily affirmations.  In addition, Jinxproof filters daily ‘Be Positive’ messages through social media and offers one on one counseling services to those in need. These messages encourage others to be positive in their own lives and to get involved in their community through service.

March Call Out:

Food insecurities are an unfortunate situation for many, but even more so for kids with special needs.  February’s call out for resources come from a special needs teaching in Indiana who needs help keeping her food and clothing pantries stocked for her students. Please support these kids by donating to the go fund me campaign listed below.
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