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May 2022

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Welcome to May! It’s almost Summer!

Now is chance to add more micronutrients before Summer!  In this issue, check out Jinxproof’s tips on feeding your plants with micronutrients! Look for May special offers on seeds for your order today, plus, we look forward to Jinx Jr’s Birthday and offer Memorial Day Savings.

May is the perfect time for a photo contest! Show us how your plants are coming along!

Check out the June events schedule! If you are in the area of any of these events, stop in and say hello! Bring a hand written positive affirmation to any event where Jinxproof attends and receive a free 3 bean seed pack!

Check out our new giving opportunity for April where we send support to a classroom in Indiana where a teacher is stocking a food and clothing pantry for her kids.

As always, Have a positive and Productive month!

Micronutrients – Tiny Elements Doing Big Work!


What do you think the best sandwich in the world is? Seems like a strange question to start an article on micronutrients with, but take a moment to imagine that sandwich, and think of all of the ingredients – everything from the bread to the sauces, cheeses, meats, condiments, and anything else you can think of that would make it the world’s best.

There are two things that define the perfect sandwich: first is the ingredients, and second is the ratios between those ingredients. The balance between the ingredients is perhaps just as important as the ingredients themselves – imagine having more sauce than bread, or putting an entire ghost pepper in with a pinch of fried chicken. That’s no recipe for a perfect sandwich! If your idea of the perfect sandwich has some heat in it, chances are you’ll put a pinch of ghost pepper across a pound of fried chicken, not the other way around.

So, if there’s nothing else you take away from this article, just remember that balance must be achieved in the pursuit of the perfect sandwich!

As it turns out, plants are in a constant state of trying to make the perfect sandwich. Except, their sandwiches aren’t made up of breads, sauces, cheese, meats, or condiments. Their sandwiches are made up of elements, so whip out your periodic table and look carefully – you’re going to find all of the ingredients that plants worth with to make anything and everything they can, including the cannabinoids and terpenes we all know and love.

Plants are really good at making sandwiches – they’re constantly making them, and there’s hundreds of thousands of different sandwiches on the menu.

The perfect sandwich for a plant is going to consist primarily of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Those three ingredients make up over 90% of any and every sandwich that plants are capable of making, and luckily they’re found in the air and water. The remaining ingredients are not split evenly: most of them are ingredients like nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, and so on.

Here’s where the micronutrients come into our sandwich-making story: micronutrients are a handful of ingredients that plants use in very tiny quantities – much like the ghost pepper mentioned earlier, plants know how to use tiny amounts to bring big flavor into a sandwich.

As it turns out, the sandwiches made with micronutrients are special – they go towards feeding very important enzymes that plants rely on in order to grow and stay alive. Basically, plants capture energy from the light to power their sandwich-making operations. There are a lot of steps involved and lots of individual enzymes, and many of them demand ghost pepper in their sandwiches, otherwise they won’t work properly. If that tiny amount of ghost pepper is missing, it makes a big difference.

Besides enzymes that participate in capturing light-energy from the sun, there are others that maintain a state of chemical balance within the plants to make sure they can stay alive as the plants grow and deal with an ever-changing environment around them. For example, too much light-energy or chemical energy can burn plants, much like the sun can burn your skin.

The enzymes that help plants maintain a balanced and healthy state of growth also demand tiny amounts micronutrients in their sandwiches, because these ingredients are critical for their function. In fact, some of these enzymes are so important, that if you knocked them out of a plant cell, the plant cell would die!

It makes sense why plants need micronutrients in small quantities once you understand that they are just ingredients in sandwiches that go towards feeding workers that do extremely important jobs and are demanding tiny amounts of ghost pepper in their sandwiches. These workers harvest energy from the light and also prevent that light-energy from blowing up the cell and destroying it.

All of this pretty much comes down to tiny amounts of micronutrients that are critical to maintaining the optimum balance of energy coming into a plant, and maintaining the ability to deal with that energy in a way that doesn’t over-energize the cell.

As you can tell by now, plants are obsessed with making sandwiches – they make a lot of sandwiches, powered by the light in the presence of air and using water. Most sandwiches feed enzymes that contribute to whole-plant growth, as we just examined, but it’s also interesting to point out that about a quarter goes to microbes and fungi in the soil. Plants trade sandwiches for exotic ingredients sourced by micro-organisms in the soil – more on that in another article!

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Northwest Families for Autism (NWFFA)

Combining philanthropy and acts of charity as a part of their mission, Jinxproof Genetics designed their compassion programs with a formal structure to better serve those in need.  Jinxproof and his wife Miss Rose established Northwest Families for Autism (NWFFA) and immediately began working with the Seattle Children’s Autism Center (SCAC) and the University of Washington (UW) to provide communication devices to hundreds of Children with Autism and non-verbal disorders giving them the platform needed to interact with the World around them. Miss Rose explains the positive impact of these devices,  “This is empowering to these individuals as it enables them to easily communicate with the world around them by giving them a means to express their thoughts, feelings, needs and desires. They gain a voice, something most of us take for granted. This brings us one step closer to inclusion!”

Jinxproof and Miss Ross’s community foundation efforts extend well beyond funneling nonprofit campaign contribution to those in need.  Recognizing the need for a more positive outlook on life to succeed as individuals,  Jinxproof has designed counseling programs centered around daily affirmation as a way to improve the quality of life of those in need. The Young Ladies Positive Affirmation club helps build confidence and develop a healthy self esteem in participants through the practice of writing and sharing daily affirmations.  In addition, Jinxproof filters daily ‘Be Positive’ messages through social media and offers one on one counseling services to those in need. These messages encourage others to be positive in their own lives and to get involved in their community through service.

May Call Out:

April’s Giving Opportunity comes from a special needs teacher in Indiana stocking a food and clothing pantry for her students. Please use the Go Fund Me link to donate.

“Hello, I am a 20 year veteran teacher. I teach children with special needs. To say that a lot has changed since the pandemic is an understatement. The children are coming to school hungry. They are coming to school unbathed. There have been students who have arrived without undergarments. The grants that were providing food to be sent home with the students have expired. My goal is to feed any child who comes to school hungry, is at school hungry, or send home food if there are food insecurities at home. My other goal is to stock the pantry with clothing items, as well. Thank You in advance for any assistance.”

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