Photo Contest Results

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1ST PLACE: 9lb Punch by ig: @fatbeardedpothead
2ND PLACE: BumbleBud by ig: @Codycannabis
3RD PLACE: 9 ALarm by ig: @12.gaige91
4th PLACE: Main Event by ig: @whiteowl710
5TH PLACE: Ride On by : @socaldank82

5 Winners

1st place – 3 packs of seeds
2nd place – 2 packs of seeds + t-shirt
3rd place- 1 pack of seeds + t-shirt
4th place – 1 pack of seeds
5th place – t-shirt
Honorable Mention #1: Brick House by ig: @thegrowlab559
Honorable Mention #2: 9lb Punch by ig: @bigreddogg16
Honorable Mention #3: 9lb by: @chilesgrows4205

Rules for this Contest were as follows:

– Deadline for submissions was Feb 11, 2022
– Must have been following our Instagram @jinxproof2.0
– Pics submitted to
– Included your Instagram @ account
– Must have been a photo of a Jinxproof Genetics strain that you personally grew
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