Current GeneticsDank Side of the Moon

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If you are looking to sit back and enjoy a relaxing break this is the strain for you…A heavy indica that delivers relief of stress and pain as well as an overall feeling of contentment.


    Morning Vibes X Hell on Wheels

    Indica Hybrid
    85% Indica
    15% Sativa

    59-61 Days


    2 main phenos displaying similarities in plant size and structure, along with obvious differences in colors, fade, and terps. Responds well to foliar feeding, and bounces back nicely from a topping.
    Sturdy plant with medium sized leaves, and spiraling , genade colas, sticky in trichomes. One pheno has beautiful bright green buds with light purple undertones. Fade into lime/yellow and red leaves resembling a Sunburst Gibson Les Paul.
    The other pheno turned deep purple like a rich Merlot or grape juice.

    Slightly chem, sweet and fruity, skunky kush, as well as creamy vanilla and loud pine terps.

    High Type
    Heavy hitting, relaxing full body high, relieves stress and anxiety and pain.

    ***12 Seeds per Pack.
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