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One inhale of this fruity sweet, skunky melon strain will bring you a rush of euphoria mixed with  a calming essence. The best of both worlds. A unique hybrid mix that upon light use can bring forth an immediate cerebral buzz while relieving stress and anxiety. Upon more extensive partaking, you will find yourself in a happy couch lock phase. Get ready for a pleasant day!


    Go Time x 9lb Hammer

    Hybrid Mix:
    65% Indica
    35% Sativa





    The most commonly expressed pheno is slightly more indica, displaying Gooberry dominant traits. Indica style leaves that are not excessive, so this plant is easy to harvest. Frosting on the leaves can be sited early in growth, while still in veg. The powerfully pungent buds have thick amber hairs wrapped in a blanket of crystals. She responds well to S.O.G. but not necessary. Light pruning recommended right before flowering if looking to regulate growth height.

    Ripe melon, berry sweet, amidst gassy and mild earthy tastes

    Skunky fruit flavors provide enthusiasts with a delightful cannabanoid-packed treat!

    High Type:
    Blissful, free of pain, stress and anxiety.

    Relieves muscle tension.

    * Each individual pack contains 12 seeds.
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