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As the name implies, just watch our girl bring it on!! This highly invigorating Sativa dominant gem delivers energizing and uplifting effects. It is a clever combination of extreme pain relief, focused energy, and occasional aphrodisiac mood alteration. Those positive, almost euphoric feelings will have you coming back for more. The flavor profiles range from citrusy lemony diesel to pungent skunky cheese with sweet and rotten undertones.


    Norton X JOG Kush

    Sativa Hybrid:
    80% Sativa
    20% Indica

    58-63 days


    Typically large stretch and Large producer

    Go Time’s most coveted features are most notably expressed in her large and fully stacked kolas which are packed with swollen pods exhibiting high calyx to leaf ratio. This leads to production of large, rock-hard buds possessing both phenomenal frost and resin production. Also note, a noticeably high return on concentrates. This is an easy strain to grow and demonstrates heavy yield.

    Most notable is the purple pheno which is a large producer that exhibits a pungent skunky cheese smell with fruity undertones. Heavy pruning is recommended before flipping to flower cycle as she can stretch quite a bit.
    The green pheno has noticeably more stretch with typically a more lemony sour diesel like aroma. This pheno also packs on alot of weight late in the flower cycle. Both phenos display amazing trichome and resin production.

    Best way to grow:
    A combination of heavy cropping early on and staking or scrogging to prepare for heavy kolas. Recommended for both indoor and outdoor growth.

    High Type:
    Positive and uplifting, energetic and creative, combined with relief from both pain and anxiety. Very motivating!

    Citrus tones of lemony sour diesel, pungent skunky cheese, sweet rotten fruit with soft earthy undertones of kush.

    * Each individual pack contains 12 seeds.
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