Current GeneticsKush Cream Dream

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Very relaxing, pain relieving and overall sedative. Heavy Yield.


    LA Kush Cake x Ice Cream Dream

    Indica Hybrid Mix:
    75% Indica
    25% Sativa

    55-60 Days


    Slight differences in pheno types. Very easy to grow strain with multiple dense bud sights that are fat and chunky, covered in resin. Sugar leaves are also heavily covered in thick resin rails. In the most expressed pheno, the flower starts out bright green then fades beautifully to purple tones. Fat dark green leaves that mature to purple. Prefers low nitrogen. Very eye pleasing.

    Varies with phenos. Can be earthy berries, rotten melon, sour citrus, and a sharp pine gas smell that can light a fire in your nostrils!

    High Type:

    Very relaxing, pain relieving and overall sedative.

    * Each individual pack contains 12 seeds.
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