Current GeneticsLoud Love

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Say What???
This majestic strain says it Loud and Proud, so get ready to smile…



    True OG x Ice Cream Dream

    Hybrid Mix

    75% Indica

    25% Sativa

    Harvest Time

    Approximately 60 Days




    2 identified phenos with slight differences in structure
    Defoliation doesn’t slow these plants down or stunt them in the slightest She can handle even challenging environments and flourish in the process.
    Pheno 1 has thick dark green leaves that turn dark purpley black. As she matures, the violet purple sugar rails form on the colorful leaves that frame the bulky colas.  There is very tight node spacing between buds.
    Pheno 2 has lime green leaves that turn blackish green with crimson and golden fan leaves. The hairs are orange and brown. And caked on frost!

    An extremely satisfying strain to cultivate…


    Fresh Sweet Pine, Citrusy Pungent, with a slight Skunky-Fuel undertone.

    High Type

    Delivers a long-lasting high with mood altering properties. Can improve the symptoms of depression and anxiety, and soothe physical pain. If you’re ready to kick back and cozy up at the end of a stressful day, this strain is for you!

    ***12 Seeds per Pack.
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