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You will be shockingly surprised with the celestial coating of glistening trichomes that practically drip from this beauty! A boutique class cultivator that awakens your senses while inducing a calming and relaxing experience.


    Firestorm x Comfortably Dumb

    Indica Hybrid
    75% Indica
    25% Sativa

    55-60 Days


    2 main phenos are both Indica dominant. Dense, full plants with wide, plump, deep green corrugated leaves. This gem does not require much pruning as the stretch once flipped is minimal. The colas are super stacked with tight and chunky nodal growth. She displays almost unimaginable in depth layers of frost that glisten at every angle.
    Ideal for SOG as well as compact grow space.

    Sweet Earthy, Ripe Berry, Diesely
    Sweet flavor lingers on the tongue

    High Type:

    Relaxing and euphoric with light use. Heavier partaking promotes ample tranquility of both mind and body. Provides relief from inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, and amply relieves anxiety, stress and pain.

    * Each individual pack contains 12 seeds.
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