Current GeneticsRecliner Daze

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The quick flowering cycle of this strain is more than impressive.Upon consuming, a deep sense of relaxation settles into your mind and muscles. Because of its mind numbing effects that can quickly spread throughout the body, it may be best to consume when you are ready to recline.


    Madcap x Comfortably Dumb

    Indica Hybrid
    70% Indica

    53-58 Days
    Med Heavy to Heavy
    This fast finishing strain has very little differences between the phenotypes.
    A very sturdy plant that requires minimal support during growth.
    Produces ample greasy resin with dark purple hues hidden beneath layers of cloudy trichomes. The olive green leaves have rails of thick glittery trichomes that travel to the tips.This is an extremely gassy plant with multiple dense bud sites.
    Very Gassy Up Front with tidal waves of bright berry flavors, pungent blueberry and hints of vanilla.
    High Type:
    Be ready for a full body relaxation accentuated by an overwhelming cheerful feeling .
    Recommended for stress and anxiety relief as well as mood enhancing. Can help relieve PTSD. Also a great pain reliever and sleep aid.
    * Each individual pack contains 6 seeds.
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