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Serious Fire is a heavy yielding, indica dominant cannabis strain from Jinxproof Genetics know as a daytime pain reliever, a heady high that allows for focus on important tasks. A pleasant experience for both mind and body.


    9lb Hammer X It’s Fire

    Indica Hybrid Mix:
    80% Indica
    20% Sativa

    Pheno 1 / 56-58 days
    Pheno 2 / 65-70 days

    Medium/heavy to Heavy


    Pheno 1/ Displays a striking combination of Deep Purple and Orange hues. The rich trichome coverage adds to this beauty. The colors blend together in a way reminiscent of a powerful sunset, creating an almost hypnotic effect.
    The buds are medium in size and very dense and bulbous. The flowers are purple and green with hues of orange.
    Easy to grow.. finishes fast and fades quick.

    Pheno 2/ A very impressive pheno with a spear-like structure that demands attention! Large chunky buds. Rich green hues accented by hints of purple. She is covered in orange hairs that pop against the green and purple. The buds are LARGE and spear-like. Very little internodal spacing, so colas merge together to form a large mega cola. The flowers are green with hues of purple.
    Easy to grow, not a picky eater. Being the bud is so dense, adequate airflow is recommended to prevent bud rot. Staking is recommended to hold up the heavy flowers.

    Pheno 1/ Sweet, citrus, earthy and nutty. Easy to smoke. Leaves a slight dryness like when drinking a dry wine.
    Pheno2/ Grapes, candy, bubblegum and slightly piney.

    High Type:

    Pheno 1/ Relaxing, happy and carefree. Good Indica for relaxing and focusing on a task. Leans more on the heady high and euphoria. Relaxing to the body and a heady bubbly feel.
    Pheno2/ While this pheno is also quite relaxing, there is more of an initial uplifting effect. Fades into a pleasant experience for both mind and body.

    * Each individual pack contains 12 seeds.
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