Current GeneticsStrange Thunder

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Ground control to Major Tom, you will be experiencing microgravity..
Floating above your troubles with an immediate cerebral onset that will fill your head with a pleasurable tingle that will slowly expand throughout your body, giving you the feeling of stress melting off your being…


    Vixen X It’s Fire

    Indica Hybrid

    80% Sativa
    20% Indica

    60 – 65 Days



    There are 3 different phenos.  All 3 finish approximately the same time.
    Pheno 1, Dark purple leaves, neon green buds with speckling of purple, absolutely caked in white sticky trichomes, long buds
    Pheno 2, lime green and purple leaves that fade to gold, orange and crimson, bright green buds, coated in sparkly trichomes, chunky buds
    Pheno 3, medium green foliage, long stems with thick pine cone shaped buds, short orange hairs, dense and frosty


    A variety of flavors from roasted mocha, chocolatey haze, gassy kerosene, skunky fruit to sweet and sour notes, depending on pheno.

    High Type

    Cheerful,  soothing, creative, relaxing yet focused, euphoric
    Relieves chronic pain, headaches and stress

    ***12 Seeds per Pack.
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