Current GeneticsWatermelon Hustle

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Treat yourself to this sense pleasing beauty that delivers a comfortable head rush accompanied by a slow creeping body relaxation buzz that brings on an overall peaceful feeling leaving you numb to pain.


    Electric Watermelon X Ice Cream Dream

    Hybrid Mix
    Indica 70%
    Sativa 30%

    55-60 Days

    Med Heavy to Heavy

    There was little variance on phenotypes. They grow tall and fast in veg and can handle a topping or lollipopping prior to flip. Heavy trichome production is noticeable early in week 3-4. The flowers grow super frosty, dense and sticky.
    The trimmed buds display a sparkly white coating of crystally resin. By week 7 of flower, the leaves express deep pink, orange and crimson colors..extremely eye pleasing! Strong aroma of gassy old skunk.

    Earthy vanilla, creamy berry and skunky melon notes.

    High Type:
    There is a comfortable balance between mind and physical effects. So you are relaxed and comfortable, but not wiped out with light use. Though due to the creamy smooth smoke, it is easy to overconsume, thus delivering maximum relaxation. A wide range of physical benefits include relief from both chronic pain and ease of everyday irritations. She has a mellow uplifting high.
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