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    Parents: 9lb x Mothertongue
    Indica hybrid
    55-63 days
    Medium to Heavy
    The most commonly represented phenos are indica dominant, though there are some hybrid mix variations. The The leaves are typically bushy though some plants display a thinner style leaf. The colorful flowers are a blend of purple and lime green buds that become completely blanketed in a covering of thick white trichomes. The resin production is beyond impressive.
    Your sense of smell will be overwhelmed as this plant will have you believing that you are harvesting Blueberry muffins. Also present is a sharp, skunky, fruity aroma, as well as light floral implications. The sumptuous blueberry flavor is easily detected on the exhale.
    High Type:
    Once you take a few puffs, be prepared to float away on a cloud of sunshine and happiness; warmth and relaxation. MadCap hits like a Hammer as it has a headband effect that creeps up on you and renders you relaxed. Definitely geared toward the experienced indica connoisseur. Recommended for evening use and is a formidable sleep aid. Can deliver relief from arthritis, migraines, PTSD, muscle spasms, anxiety, insomnia, and an overall satisfying pain relief.
    * Each individual pack contains 6 seeds.
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