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As you sit back and inhale, waves of relaxation will consume the body, leaving you in a blissful and harmonious state, yet creative and able to move on to your next mission.


    LA Kush Cake X Comfortably Dumb

    Indica Hybrid
    85% Indica

    55-60 Days
    2 main phenotypes both indica dominant.
    Pheno 1 has dark greenish/black, frost covered leaves with tight nodes and large nuggety buds, coated in a plethora of sugary trichomes amongst orange hairs.
    Pheno 2 displays short, wide, bright green leaves that turn amber, pink, and scarlet as the flower matures, The overabundance of crystal trichomes blanket the multiple long, thick colas.Both phenos can be staked or scrogged.
    Sweet spicy pine, citrusy fuel, slightly diesel, orange sherbert.
    High Type:
    Upon consumption, you will partake in the harmonious, euphoric and sedative effects that this satisfying strain has to offer. Mood elevating and gratifying. Multiple bowls can bring on “couch lock”, and can be a great sleep aid.
    Recommended for relief of stress,anxiety, inflammation, nausea, and chronic pain.
    * Each individual pack contains 6 seeds.
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