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For those looking for a body soothing, and positive thinking experience mixed with intense fruity and cheesy chem flavors, this cultivar will satisfy your craving. She is a fast finishing and eye pleasing plant that will soon be your favorite strain to cultivate!

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    Wiped Out

    Hittgirl X Comfortably Dumb

    Indica Dominant Hybrid

    55-60 Days

    Medium to Large

    This is a quick finishing plant with very little difference between the phenos. She displays a super stout structure with strong stems and fat, chunky dark green, 7 finger fan leaves. The phenos are super bushy, offering a plethora of available cuts. Great lateral branching and shorter internodal spacing allows great stacking. Can handle topping and defoliation with ease.

    The football shaped nugs look like they were dipped in a trichome bath. They have vibrant green and purple speckling throughout.
    The leaves produce a beautiful fade including lime green, orange, to purplish black with deep veining including pinkish/purple hues.
    The pistols range from neon yellow to scarlet red.
    The dense buds have high resin content and should produce a favorable hash return.

    piney/kushy cheery candy scent, loud sweet chem terps are loud and taste amazing!
    lemon citrus sweet like lemon Starburst amidst Lemon gassy cheese, Super smooth and tasty!

    High Type:
    She hits you hard and fast.. producing much relaxation and leaves you carefree and cheerful. Recommended for relief of stress, anxiety, pain. Will elevate your mood and produces an overall feeling of tranquility.
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