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Can be grown both indoor and outdoor, preferably in organic soil.



    Best Friend Hells OG X Purple Haze Sativa Dom 60/40 Hybrid Mix

    Hells OG & Purple Haze

    Hybrid Mix

    Indica, 40%
    Sativa, 60%
    50-58 days
    Can be grown both indoor and outdoor, preferably in organic soil.
    There are 2 common phenos. One is purple Haze dominant with some stretch making it a candidate for scrog or staking. The second is a more bushy, indica variation that tends to grow medium to tall in height. This pheno often displays purple flowers and dark leaves. She typically displays spade-shaped nuggets with thin, olive colored leaves and bright orange hairs. Also, the flower is often speckled with light purple calyx. The nugs are frosted with a thick layer of bright white trichomes and sticky sweet resin. Swollen, dense calyx result in a chunky flower look.
    The flavor profile ranges from grape and sweet grapefruit notes, as well as pungeny spicy pine undertones. The buds are heavy and large with earthy grape and citrus aromas. A tasty daytime smoke.
    High Type:
    This slightly more sativa hybrid is worthy of being a daily companion, hence the name Best Friend. Cherished for its cerebral stimulation that leads to abundant energy accompanied by blissful contentment. It is powerfully uplifting and the euphoric properties induce a continual urge to giggle. A happy, full bodied high that leaves its partaker relaxed, yet motivated.Worthy for relief from chronic stress and anxiety, mild depression, as well as relief from migraines.
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