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Sweet Trichome coated rails as far as the eye can see!

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    Dosidos x 9lb Hammer

    Hybrid Mix:

    50% Indica
    50% Sativa


    55-63 Days

    Medium to Heavy Producer – 8 Week Flower
    Super dense, rock hard buds


    Minor differences noticed in pheno types. Medium height plant that doubles size in flower cycle, including side branches. Buds grow very large and dense, even the lower bud sites, so scrogging or staking is recommended to help support the large colas. She appreciates extra cal/mag, 4ml per gallon of water. The plant has a sour, yet pungent and sweet smell.


    The mature flower taste and smell is amazing! Very unique. Sweet and citrus with a sour smell similar to lemon drops and sweet tart candy. A sweet smell with a tangy twist on the tongue. Smoke is full of flavor, mainly smooth, sweet citrus.

    High Type:

    Pleasantly euphoric. At first, induces a quick burst of energy for a short time but moves into a relaxing full body and mind high. A wonderful daytime choice for being creative, listening to music and gaming.
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